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Soak Your Feet in Vinegar at Least Once a Week and See Why – You’ll Be Amazed

It may seem strange to you, but hundreds of women around the world have a habit of soaking their feet in a vinegar bath – especially in the evening, after a hard day’s work. And this has its own logical explanation, it is even recommended according to doctors! Actually, this should not surprise us because we all know the benefits of vinegar (especially apple cider vinegar).

Housewives regularly use it to clean their homes – it is harmless and does a job no worse than industrial detergents.

Vinegar is also ideal for restoring the shine of doors and windows, and to remove its characteristic sour smell, add a little essential oil. The benefits of apple cider vinegar in diets have long been known – the popular mixture of warm water with a spoonful of vinegar has helped quite a few women lose weight.

But let’s get back to why and how vinegar is good for our feet.

The truth is that a vinegar bath brings real relief to the feet. Here’s what happens if you soak your feet in a vinegar bath for 30 minutes:

  • You will get rid of the unpleasant smell of the feet. Remove your feet from the basin without wiping them. Leave them for a few minutes and then use a soft cloth to wipe them off.
  • Eliminates bacteria on the feet and reduces the risk of fungus.
  • If you wash your feet often with vinegar, you will have stronger nails and they will grow faster, and your heels will not crack.
  • Helps restore tired feet after a long day.

Other Vinegar Uses:

If you add apple cider vinegar to regular shampoo, you will get rid of dandruff faster. Mix vinegar with honey and gargle to heal a sore and red throat. If you don’t want your shoes to smell bad, spray apple cider vinegar every night and morning before you put them on.

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