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What Will Happen To You If You Cover Your Fingers With Ordinary Kitchen Foil

Aluminum foil has healing properties and is often used by Chinese and Russian healers. Practice shows that aluminum foil can be used outside the kitchen, but with some care.

If you have problems with pain in your hand, you should cover your fingers and, if necessary, your entire hand with foil.

The same goes for neck, back, shoulder, knee and heel pain, just wrap the painful area with aluminum foil and the pain will soon be gone.

The bioflow that passes through the biologically active points in our organism is reflected and returns to where it came from.

This has a positive effect on the affected organs, which are related to the same cause. In this way, you can get rid of the health problem and relieve the pain.

This interesting method of treatment has long been used by Chinese and Russian healers and is described in detail in the books of Wilhelm Reich, a psychotherapist who was a student of Freud.

How Aluminum Foil Can Heal You?

Take a piece of aluminum foil, place it on the painful area and secure it with a bandage.

Aluminum foil is great for treating pain in the neck, back, arms, legs, joints, and more. It can also be used to treat surgical scars and gout.

Just place a piece of foil over the scar or wrap your thumb in foil and a bandage if you’re treating gout. Chinese healers believe that treatment should last at least 10-12 hours.

Place a piece of aluminum foil over the affected area and leave overnight. Take a break of 1-2 weeks and then repeat the treatment if necessary.

Aluminum foil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect

Aluminum foil can help relieve a cold.

Wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of foil and place a piece of paper or gauze between each layer. Keep this compress for about an hour. Then take it off and put it back after two hours. Then again hold for an hour and take a break again. You need to repeat the treatment three times. The whole procedure lasts one week.

However, many people still debate how this treatment works.

Some refer to science, while others explain bioenergy healing.

Russian scientist A.V. Skvortsov explains:

“Healers often use tools to create special energy, such as aluminum foil products. The human body has special stem cells that are intertwined with the Earth’s field. For some reason, this field is deformed, which affects the flow of energy that reaches the stem cells.

The foil’s surface reflects the Earth’s field like a large magnifying glass, making it much larger and allowing cell-field contact to be restored. In addition, the glossy surface of the foil prevents the penetration of external harmful radiation into the human body”.

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