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This Juice Will Relieve High Blood Pressure, Gastritis and Stomach Ulcer

In order to live a full life and enjoy good health, it is recommended to maintain an active lifestyle and proper nutrition. Today we can find endless products on the market that cause great damage to our body, even knowing how harmful they are, we continue to buy and consume them.

The reason is simple: the industry specializes in making these products taste super addictive, so it’s hard for us to give them up and keep buying them again and again.

Today we offer you a recipe that, although it does not have the best taste in the world, will help prevent many diseases and relieve high blood pressure, gastritis, stomach ulcer, gout, arthritis, as well as diseases of the liver and gall bladder .

It is recommended to take 1/4 cup of this juice every morning on an empty stomach and after a week you will notice a change.

Making this juice is very easy! I do it in just 5 minutes and I’m already 72 years old. I started drinking this juice 5 years ago when I got a stomach ulcer. The pains were terrible, but this juice saved me from them. Since then, there are no more ulcers, but I drink this juice twice a year for 2 weeks as a preventive measure and I feel great!

Drinking this juice also helps:

Control blood pressure

One of the minerals contained in this vegetable is potassium, which helps clear the arteries and prevents cardiovascular disease.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect

It helps prevent inflammation that can be caused by arthritis or rheumatism, this ability is provided by the large amount of nutrients it has in addition to organic salt.

It helps the liver

Potato juice acts as a full body cleanser, ideal for detoxification and relief of any liver ailments. The gallbladder is also significantly healed.

Ideal for gout treatment

The pain caused by this disease can be very strong, so drinking this juice usually helps to quickly reduce the inflammation and eliminate the pain.

Effective in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers

This is due to its alkaline effect on the body, in addition to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Effectively improves the condition of gastritis, colitis, ulcer and other stomach diseases.

How to make potato juice?

This juice is best prepared leaving the skin on the potato as it has the highest concentration of potassium and will reach maximum effect quickly.

Take 1 medium root vegetable and wash it well, if it has green spots, is soft or sprouted, then it cannot be used.

Then chop it up and put it in a blender and grind until smooth. Strain, measure 1/4 cup and add 100 ml of water to the resulting juice, if desired, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Many people do not like the taste of potato juice, and you can mix it with another juice, for example: orange, carrot or apple.

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