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Apples with Bay Leaf: This potion is incredibly powerful and an elixir of health!

Infusion of bay leaves and apple can help with various diseases.

Strengthening the body’s immune system is just one of its many advantages.

Bay leaves have been used in folk medicine since ancient times.

The compounds contained in this spice purify the body and strengthen its immunity.

At the same time, they have a beneficial effect on the liver and digestive system.

Therefore, making a drink from these two ingredients is a really good idea.

Effects of bay leaves

It can be successfully used in the fight against arthritis and rheumatism.

At the same time, it relieves pain and cleans the joints from deposits, thus improving their function.

A bay leaf in combination with an apple will gain even more strength.

The decoction has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect.

Consuming this apple and bay leaf based natural remedy can help improve heart health as bay leaf reduces stress and regulates blood pressure levels.

Bay leaf has been shown to help reduce body fat and help treat kidney stones, among other benefits.

An apple and bay leaf drink can also be beneficial for diabetics as it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

It also slows cell aging and improves brain function, especially memory.

Effects of apples

Antioxidants contained in apples slow down the aging process of the body.

In addition, they contain a number of vitamins and minerals.

This remedy based on apple and bay leaf also helps to strengthen immunity.

So it will be of great help even in the flu season.

The peel of apples contains pectin, a soluble fiber that can lower bad cholesterol levels.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat the apple with the peel.

It also helps in the treatment of flu and cold.

Decoction of dried apples is just as useful as decoction of fresh apples.

It helps the heart and blood vessels, digestive system, skin, hair and also to strengthen immunity.

You can use all these benefits when you prepare this unusual homemade elixir.

Recipe for decoction of bay leaves and apples

We need:

4 bay leaves

1 apple

4 cup of water

1 cinnamon stick



How to prepare a drink of bay leaves and apples with an extraordinary effect?

Pour the cooking water into the pot.

Bring the liquid to a boil.

Then add the bay leaves and cinnamon.

Everything boils for about 5 minutes.

Remove the pot with the mixture from the heat.

Add washed and sliced apple.

Finally cover and let it steam for 10 minutes.

Strain the finished drink from the bay leaf through a strainer.

Sweeten with honey to taste.

Drink 1 glass once a day, in the morning before eating or in the evening before going to bed.

Store the remaining amount in the refrigerator.

The maximum duration of home treatment is 2 weeks.

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