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3 Models of Bags That Will Be a Hit This Spring

Spring is already in the air, and along with the blooming of flowers and the entry of fresh flowers into the wardrobe, comes a wave of new spring trends. The easiest (and funniest) trends to follow are always the new bags – you don’t have to worry about whether it’s the wrong size and whether it’s comfortable, for example.

And here are the models that are requesting to be accommodated in the spotlight this spring.

1. Crescent shape

Last season’s “baguette” bags are becoming the more modern crescent shape. There are actually several different versions of the crescent, but they are all characterized by a noticeable indentation in the middle.

2. Structured shoulder models

This trend will displace all those models we wore crosswise or over our shoulders last summer. There is no specific shape here, but the medium-length straps and size “for a book” promise practicality and fashion.

3. Neon accents

Okay, they don’t have to be real neon shades, but they’re bright enough. They are a super-easy way to add a little fun to a basic outfit and work best when they are small.

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