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Here is the Difference Between Perfume, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Toilette

Like a manicure, perfume is the “business card” of every woman. Of course, everyone wants to smell good, but choosing a perfume can be a real adventure in the deep sea of ​​fragrances, brands, and pyramids with hints.

And when we put the fragrances aside, what distinguishes the different types – perfume, EDT, EDP? First and foremost, each aromatic product is based on “perfume essence” – a combination of essential oils (cedar, lime, sandalwood, etc.) pure aromas without impurities (jasmine, rose, neroli) animal essences (musk, amber), and synthetic fragrances. This basic perfume essence in itself may not be very attractive because it is too concentrated.

The perfume you see in the store is not pure perfume essence. It is generally slightly more oily and usually contains 15-40% pure perfume extract. It is thicker and more oily. In general, you will rarely see it in a spray bottle and in a glass one with a pipette. The scent of a real perfume is deep, the composition is multi-layered and gradually reveals itself. Durability is also remarkable – over 6 hours depending on the skin, weather conditions, and method of application.

Eau de parfum uses the same perfume essence, but less of it (5-15%) and with more alcohol and water. This means that the scent is not as strong and usually does not last very long, but it is still about 4 hours. Eau De Parfum differs from the perfume extract in that it has a more pronounced “heart” of the aroma and significantly less the final, basic plume notes.

Eau de Toilette is a light type of perfume in which the top (middle) and middle notes sound and feel the brightest and feel less, and the plume or base notes are completely muted. That is why many people find a huge difference between the same perfume, but in its different versions – EDP and EDT. The concentration of aromatic substances from 5 to 15% in 80-85% alcohol.

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