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Cracked Heels – How Easy to Get Rid of Them?

We will talk about an amazing trick that will save us from great troubles related to the skin of our feet.

All we need is a few aspirin tablets and lemon, and the result will be “Wow!”

And so – outside the degrees are still far from allowing us to wear sandals and open shoes, but dreaming of freedom, travel, and warm degrees, we must slowly begin to prepare.

Every woman knows that her feet, pedicure, and heels are an integral part of her summer look.

But if you have dry, unpleasant, and flaky skin on your heels, then this is your salvation.

All you need are 10 aspirin tablets and a lemon.

The first thing you need to do is crush the aspirin tablets into a powder. Then squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix everything.

Apply the aspirin-lemon mixture to your feet and massage gently for 15 minutes. During this time, a reaction of the mixture will begin, as a result of which the skin of your feet will become significantly softer, and dead and cracked skin will “fall off”.

Cracked heels – how easy to get rid of them?

After the massage, rinse your feet. If you have a foot brush or pumice stone, use it to even better remove dead and cracked skin from the heels.

It is! easy, fast, practical, but also economical.

Not only will you get velvety soft and smooth skin on your heels, but you will also guarantee them a wonderful base for a dizzying pedicure.

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