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Apple Water with Cinnamon for the Most Powerful Detox Effect for the Face and Body!

Summer is the period of apples and the early varieties are already ripening, which can serve us well and we will make apple water from them. In fact, there are thousands of recipes for such water, with different additions, options and fruits, but for me the simplest version with apple and cinnamon is the most suitable option that can be made. At the same time, its benefit is great.

The great effect of apples is that they give a “detox” effect, that is, they cleanse. This is mainly due to the fiber that works like a brush in our digestive tract. With water, plus everything else, metabolic products come out, which in stagnation worsen the state of health, the speed of metabolic processes, a person constantly wants to sleep, feels heaviness, does not want anything from food, etc.

Among other things, apples contain a large number of useful minerals and elements. First of all, it is, of course, potassium – it is necessary for psycho-emotional stability, the work of digestion and the muscles of the body, and not only. Naturally, apples contain a large amount of vitamins A, E and C, which are also important not only for health, but also for the beauty and youth of the face. Yes, and apples have a good property of invigorating, giving a feeling of energy and reducing drowsiness, and you can also notice that digestion has improved. If we talk about the figure (in addition to the fact that apples allow the removal of excess water), then one more point can be noted: apples with water help reduce appetite and do not overeat.

Cinnamon has a similar effect. In addition, it reduces appetite, but at the same time accelerates metabolism, which also has an invigorating effect, helps to wake up, and cinnamon also has the ability to improve digestion, reducing unpleasant effects such as bloating and heaviness in the stomach.

How to make apple cider with cinnamon:

Preparing apple water is quite simple:

  • For four cup of water – 1 large apple.
  • Cut the apple finely to release the juice into the water.
  • Pour room temperature water over the apple.
  • Add a cinnamon stick.

Leave for a few hours and drink like plain water.

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