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9 Rituals That Will Improve Your Eyesight From 5 Years Ago

The basic scientific and medical law regarding muscles is: “If you don’t use them, they will become weak.”

This is what usually happens to the eyes: you stare at the monitor in front of you for most of the day and don’t use the eye muscles needed to look further. This is how modern myopia developed.

If you start using glasses at the same time, then the situation begins to develop against you even faster: Eyes with glasses strain even less, and the need to stare at something and strain disappears.

Accordingly, to reverse the process, you need to train your eye muscles and keep them in good shape.

Here are 9 best ways to do it:

1. Avoid eye strain during the day. Close your eyes for a few minutes every 2-3 hours and enjoy the peace.

2. Here are 16 basic and well-known eye exercises. Do them each day in order.

3. If you wear glasses at night, gradually reduce the time spent in them.

4. Massage your eyes with gentle circular movements. Go from 1 to 6 as shown in the picture:

To press the eyeball, it is best to use the middle and index fingers. In the process, you should feel pressure, but not pain.

5. While walking outdoors, look away more often than at your feet.

6. Drink carrot juice. As often as possible. Preferably every day.

And if you want maximum effect, add a drop or two of olive oil to a glass: it won’t spoil the taste, but carrots are ideal for absorbing the substances necessary for the eyes.

7. When you feel tired in your eyes, wash them with warm water.

8. Do not look at computer, smartphone or TV screens for at least two hours before going to bed.

9. Try the Indian Trataka exercise.

It will teach your eyes and mind to focus.

Sit in front of a small object fixed in space (for example, a candle) and focus your gaze and all your attention on it. Don’t blink. Make sure that the image of the object is clearly imprinted in your memory and brain.

Then close your eyes and concentrate on the area between the eyebrows, trying to keep the image of the point in front of your closed eyes as long as possible. Do the practice for about 10 minutes.

The goal of the exercise is to achieve a clear image of a previously blurred object before the eyes tire.

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