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Is Drinking Lots of Water a Day Really Good for You?

Water has countless benefits for the human body. Especially in summer, it is very important to drink certain amounts of this liquid in order to avoid dehydration.

In addition, water helps to lose weight.

According to numerous studies, the optimal amount of water that we should take daily is 8 glasses or about one and a half liters.

Of course, if we do sports, like in summer, it should be more than 8 glasses. However, we all drink some of the following: coffee, tea, alcohol, or soft drinks. According to British doctors, this means that the amount of water we take in is not enough.

Experts warn that two cups of coffee destroy the effect of four glasses of water. For this reason, it is a good idea to add a glass of water to any beverage such as alcohol, tea, coffee, or other soft drinks.

However, there are also statements by other doctors that “too much” water is harmful. They explain this statement by citing the example of people with kidney problems, for whom excessive hydration would be very harmful.

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