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Cleans the Lungs Like a Vacuum Cleaner – Cough, Phlegm, and Stop the Flu With This Recipe

This recipe is very effective in treating any cough. It contains only natural ingredients and has no side effects. It is completely safe for both children and adults.

Take care of yourself, and use natural remedies.

Preparing such a drink is not difficult and not expensive! You can drink it with the whole family to strengthen immunity!

You need to use fresh carrots and then your juice will have maximum useful nutrients. Learn how to make this miracle drink!

Such a drink will not only relieve your cough, and cleanse the lungs, but also contribute to:

strengthening the immune system,
prevention of cardiovascular diseases,
lowers bad cholesterol levels
improves the condition of the skin and eliminates the appearance of acne
cleansing the body of toxins.

They are also a great source of calcium which improves digestion!



  • ½ kg (170z) of carrots
  • a little purified water
  • 3-4 tablespoons of natural honey


First of all, you need to peel the carrots. Then boil it until tender and reserve the liquid in which it was boiled. Cool and mash the carrots.
Add honey to the water in which the carrots were boiled and mix with the carrot puree.

The drink is ready! You can drink it anytime.

This recipe is very old and famous, you should definitely try it! This will help to clear your lungs and you will not have problems with colds and flu!

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