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Scientists Warning: New Mutant Bacteria “Now Resistant To All Antibiotics”, 10 Million Deaths Expected By 2050

Scientists have reported that what was predicted for several years is now a reality: new bacterial strains have now been found that have evolved to be completely resistant to all known antibiotics, heralding the beginning of the “post-antibiotic era” and the possibility of “incurable infection”.

Let’s go back a bit here. Incurable? What they mean is “incurable by conventional methods”. They (of course) completely ignored the possibility that other methods (ahem *cough* herbalism) might have the very answer they were looking for all along.

Anyway. This is really happening. A new report, [2] just published in the prestigious Lancet journal, has discovered new strains of E.coli from food-fed animals in China that are resistant to colistin (colistin is considered an antibiotic of “last resort” in this case). This new trait is more significant because it was found to be very easily shared between bacteria. The development is thought to be likely caused by overuse of antibiotics – a controversial practice in CAFOs (concentrated animal farming).

The scientists summarized their findings in a statement: “Our findings highlight the urgent need for coordinated global action to combat multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria.”

Now that is true – but what is this “coordinated global action” they are considering? Even stronger “nuclear bacteria”?

Surely they know it will lead to… you guessed it… even stronger bacteria.

The “great fear” of the orthodox medical profession here is that if bacteria become completely resistant to treatment – also known as the “antibiotic apocalypse” – medicine could be “returned to the dark ages”.

Now it is expected to actually happen. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are now expected to cause more than 10 million deaths by 2050 [1] So clearly something needs to be done – and the answer is NOT antibiotics.

Perhaps they could also consider ending the absolutely disgusting practice of forcing animals to live their entire lives in tiny cages in their own shit, then progressively giving them stronger and stronger antibiotics in an attempt to overcome diseases that are directly caused by the horribly unhealthy living conditions. ? These disgusting practices are not only a crime against nature, but the ultimate breeding ground for the “perfect bacterial storm of shit.” That’s a big part of the problem. Karma is coming right back to bite us in the ass… just saying…

A viable alternative to antibiotics?

The facts are clear: it is time to prepare for the end of antibiotics – and we must change our tactics. This is serious. It’s a time to learn, a time to grow and a time for new ideas. Let me ask a critical but overlooked question here and present a common sense hypothesis.

Why do bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics in a few years or less, but essential oils continue to maintain their effectiveness against bacteria since ancient times?

Please think about this question and let it sink in.

The whole problem with the orthodox approach to medicine is what might be called the “if it moves, throw it away” approach. However, what they discovered years ago with bacteria is that “attacking” them with single-molecule drugs simply causes them to evolve faster – leading to stronger and more dangerous strains. Attacking them may save patients in the short term, but you leave an even bigger future problem to deal with! Antibiotics have been described as the most prescribed form of medicine – even if they are prescribed without any signs of bacterial infection “just in case”. But it’s highly controversial – partly because no doctor wants to be held responsible for a patient’s death because they didn’t give them something that could have saved them.

The point here is – we will not get rid of bacteria. They are actually part of us, with trillions of them in every human being. You are not one organism, you are an ecosystem! What is necessary is to keep the bacteria in a healthy balance – and it is interesting that the “good” bacteria, encouraged to multiply, keep the harmful ones under control. Immunity is already designed into us, and the best we can do is support the immune system – encourage it to strengthen and allow it to do its job exactly as it was evolutionarily designed.

Agriculture faces the same problem: ignoring the fact that the soil is an ecosystem, chemical pesticides are used to spray plants. This kills beneficial soil organisms that are supposed to chelate and make bioavailable the minerals that plants and animals need for optimal health. Thus, plants become more susceptible to diseases and pests, requiring (well, not really) the application of stronger pesticides. Do you see a pattern? Nature may be just a little more intelligent than we give it credit for. Why do we assume we’re smart when it’s stupid – even though that’s where we came from?

We are part of a living system. At all levels. If we kill part of the system, instead of increasing our health, what we have done is unbalancing the system and that actually ends up killing us too! You could say that this is the “big lesson” that people are facing right now as we face escalated problems of exactly the same kind at every level – terrorism, cancer, MRSA, etc. are all the same thing. A terrorist could in some way be compared to one of these bacteria. The more you apply the “if he moves, blow him” approach, the angrier they get. Those terrorists have children and those children grow up to be your opponents. Do you see the parallel? This is called fear of the other and it infects us on all levels. It’s a disease.

More read: https://herbshealthhappiness.com/scientists-warning-new-mutant-bacteria-now-resistant-to-all-antibiotics-10-million-deaths-expected-by-2050/

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